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Place: Masrah Al Madina - Hamra Street - Beirut

Time: 8:30

http://www.morgenland-festival.comIn 2012 they gave their highly acclaimed debut on Osnabrück's Market Square: The Morgenland All Star Band, a formation of fantastic musicians who have been part of the Festival for years. Their home countries are symbolic for the far-reaching geographical spread of the Festival, and their music is equally multi-faceted – from traditional music to jazz and rock. In 2013 they performed to enthusiastic audiences in the Concert Hall of the NDR in Hanover and the Stadthalle in Mülheim an der Ruhr and in 2015 the band performed in the Saygun Culture Centre in Izmir and toured China for 6 weeks with the Uyghur Rockstar Perhat Khaliq.

A global web of sound, full of excitement, opposites and surprises.

Morgenland All Star Band:

  • Rony Barrak - Darbouka
  • Dima Orsho - Vocals
  • Ibrahim Keivo - Vocals
  • Frederik Köster - Trumpet
  • Ziya Gückan - Violin
  • Moslem Rahal - Ney
  • Kinan Azmeh - Clarinet
  • Michel Godard - Tuba, Serpent
  • Salman Gambarov - Klavier
  • Andreas Müller - DoubleBass
  • Bodek Janke - Drums





This year’s focal point of the festival being the Lebanon, Rony Barrak and Elie Khoury have got together and conceived a very special programme, which promises to give a multi-faceted insight into Lebanese music, and will surely be good for a few surprises.

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Rony Barrak will be performing with The London Symphony Orchestra video game music in two concerts at the Philharmonie de Paris in 2017.

Symphonic Selections Paris (17 June 2017) is a brand new concert from the team behind Final Symphony I & II and Symphonic Fantasies, some of the most fan-pleasing and critically acclaimed orchestral video game concerts in the world. Bringing together movements from these performances into an unmissable new program, Symphonic Selections Paris is a spectacular ‘greatest hits’ evening of music from legendary composers Nobuo Uematsu, Yoko Shimomura and Yasunori Mitsuda. With soul-stirring arrangements from Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo, along with a stage that plays hosts to the internationally renowned London Symphony Orchestra, world class soloists Mischa Cheung, Rony Barrak and conductor Eckehard Stier, Symphonic Selections Paris will spirit away concert goers on a remarkable, musical journey of pure Japanese RPG magic.

Ticket information Symphonic Selections Paris

Celebrating the life and work of one of video gaming’s greatest ever composers, Symphonic Odysseys Paris (18 June 2017) is the ultimate Nobuo Uematsu tribute concert. Featuring breath-taking orchestral arrangements of some of Uematsu-san’s most popular melodies – including themes from Blue DragonThe Last StoryLost Odyssey and, of course, Final Fantasy – Symphonic Odysseys Paristakes fans on an unforgettable journey through 30 glorious years of video game music. Performed by the world-famous London Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Eckehard Stier, together with the London Symphony Chorus and acclaimed pianist Mischa Cheung, Symphonic Odysseys Paris includes brand new and revised arrangements from Jonne Valtonen and Roger Wanamo, the composing team behind the critically acclaimed and best-selling album of Final Fantasy music, Final Symphony.




Solo Guest With Ara Gevorgyan




Place: Darling Harbour Theatre sydney, 4th March 2017

TEASER - Ara Gevorgyan "Remember Tour"



Concert With IRIS HOND
Danzigerkade 5, 1013 AP Amsterdam, Netherland 


‎Morgenland Akademie - jetzt bewerben!

From 11th October till 15th October 2016

For the second time we organise with the support of Friedel & Gisela Bohnenkamp Foundation and the Society of Friends. Morgenland Festival Osnabrück e.V. a morning Landakademie at Fattoria Musica in Belm. Three of our best musicians, Kinan Azmeh and Dima Orsho from Syria (now New York and Chicago) and Rony Barrak from Lebanon (Beirut) will work with students, a program in which sounds and rhythms of the Arab world with those from jazz, pop and classical combine a unique fusion sound. To conclude, there is a concert at the Fattoria Musica.

Osnabruck- Germany






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With Pianist & Composer "IRIS HOND"

Place: At St, Amand de Vergt - Fouliex - France 

Music will be from her new Album" Dear World"  

Classical / Modern 

Info about Iris Hond:



With "Al Di Meola

PLace: Brunnenhof der Residenz - Bell'Arte Festivalsommer

Munich- Germany!tour/c9a0



With Legend "Al Di Meola" 

Palce: MuMuth Ligeti Hall,

Lichtenfelsgasse 14, Graz, Austria

Graz - Austria!tour/c9a0




Percussion workshop - 8th July

Solo Concert - 9th July

Place: convention Hotel - Hyatt Regency

1333 Bayshore Hwy , Burlingame CA 94010

San Fransisco Bay Area, CA, USA




Rony will be participating for his 11th year at the Confewrence on World Affairs.

The Jazz concert is at Macky Auditorium on 5-April-2016

Schedule will be post the 3rd week of March .
for more info:
Boulder -Colorado-USA



Al Bustan Festival - Lebanon 



 China Tour 2015  with The Voice of China 2nd Winner 2014


"Perhat Khaliq" & the Morgenland all star Band


China Tour City list


02 Wuhan City - Wuhan Qintai Theatre

06 Kunshan City - Kunshan Cultural Arts Center  

08 Nanjing City - Nanjing Poly Theatre

09 Ma'anshan City - Ma On Shan Theatre

11 Hefei City - Hefei Grand Theatre

13 Wenzhou City - Wenzhou Grand Theatre

15 Changzhou City - Changzhou Grand Theatre

16 Wuxi City - Wuxi Grand Theatre

19 Peking City - Beijing Exhibition Theatre

23 Dalian City - Dalian International Conference Center Theatre

24 Zhengzhou City - Henan Art Center

25 Jiaxing City - Jiaxing Grand Theatre

28 Hohhot City in Iner Mangolia - Wu Lancia König Theatre

30 Taiyuan City - Shanxi Grand Theatre


05 Chongqing City - Chongqing Grand Theatre

08 Shenzhen City - Shenzhen Poly Theatre

09 Huizhou City - Huizhou Cultural Arts Center

10 Dongguan City - Dongguan Yulan Theatre



Morgenland Festival in Amsterdam

with Morgenland all Star Band

Place: Bimhuis Jazz club - Amsterdam 




"Morgenland All Star Band"
Date: 29.April.2015 at 8pm 
Place: Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi - Etkinlik Ayrıntıları



  New Album recording session with Italinan folk "BandAdriatica" 

Place: Cologne - Germany






 Middle Eastern Percussion Workshop 

Place: Günes Theater  - Frankfurt- Germany

Time: 1pm

Opening with demonstrating the Darbouka , Rik, and Frame Drum.

Explanation of traditional and modern Grooves, Patterns and technique of Instruments.

The workshop could be for various ages, welcome to bring Darboukas, Frame Drums or any other percussion instrument.

Some fun clapping exercises and body percussion will be given too.

Percussion notation charts could be possible too if are some music readers...

Performance of all the group with improvisations.

Ending with solo performance for 5 minutes.




Flügel Des Windes- Concert 

Rony Barrak ( Darbouka) 
Mathias Frey (Klavier)
Deniz Köseoglu ( Baglama)
Nure Dilovani ( Geige) 
Max Clouth ( Gitarre)
Tülay Yongaci ( Gesang)

Place: Günes Theater Frankfurt - Germany
27 March 2015 / Time: 21:00

60326 Frankfurt am Main 
Ticket-rezervation: 069 77076997


Music Without Borders 15 to 25 March in Sweden & Norway

15 to 18 March at the University of Gothenburg (UiG)

20 to 25 March at the Telemark University College (HiT).

Traditional Music from Setesdal in meeting with World Musicians.

A research project at Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Agder, Norway
Project leader: Professor Bjørn Ole Rasch
As.project leader: PhD-candidate Ingolv Haaland
Annbjørg Lien: PhD Research Fellow and Artist

The main contributing partners in the project are the University of Gothenburg (UiG) and Telemark University College (HiT).


Musical fieldwork and recordings will take place in Norway, Sweden, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Lebanon,Palestin, Syria, China and Iran.



Workshops, Seminar, Studio Session

16-18 March 2015 - at the Academy of Music & Drama, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 

20-25 March 2015 - at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Adger -Kristiansand, Norway




5 Concerts with classical percussionist Martin Grubinger & the Camerata Salzburg orchestra


16.05.2014          Salzburg

17.05.2014          Vienna

18.05.2014          Rosenheim (Germany)

24.05.2014          Hamburg (Germany)

25.05.2014          Braunschweig (Germany)


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Solo Show at Casino Shangri La

Yerevan- Armenia 




Orchestra +

Rony Barrak will be performing his classical orchesral compositions with the Symphony Orchestra of Opera and Ballet Theatre of Armenia.

Conducted by Maestro Karen Dourgaryan  

Place: Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Presented by:





Live at Mezzo Club in Yerevan-Armenia



Interview in "Talk of the Town"

Time: 21:30

on MTV- Lebanon



Interview on ع سطوح بيروت OTV

Rony Barrak was a guest on a lebanses talk show ع سطوح بيروت  "A stouh Beirut"  on OTV

Monday Nov 11th.2013

To watch it online go to:عا-سطوح-بيروت-الحلقة-8-ناجي-غاريوس،-باتريسيا-داغر،-روني-براك-5679



Morgenland Festival - Germany

For all info go to: 

The 9th edition of Morgenland Festival takes place from 27th of September to 6th of October 2013. 


International Music Summer Erbil " 18 - 23 August 2013





Rony Barrak & his fusion Band will be featured as a special guest at Nancy Ajram's concert at Beirut Souk, Lebanon. 




Performing with legend "Arturo Sandoval" at Beirut Jazz festival


Rony will a featuring  guest with the great "Arturo Sandoval"

Beirut Jazz festival

Beirut Souks- Lebanon





Morgenland Festival Osnabrück 

Various Events with the Morgenland chamber orchestra and the Morgenland stars band.

The Morgenland Festival Osnabrück 2012 takes place from 24th August to 2nd September.



"Balloune Festival" in Keserwan, Lebanon 

 Rony will be performing with his percussion group " Beat Appeal" and a solo show

Time: 10pm

Hope to see you there! 


Symphonic Fantasies

 Symphonic Fantasies -music from SQUARE ENIX 

WDR Radio orchestra of Köln

WDR radio choir of Köln

Conductor : Niklas Willén

Darbouka : Rony Barrak

Klavier : Benyamin Nuss

Guests of Honor: Yoko Shimomura & Yasunori Mitsuda

Place: Philharmonic Hall,  Cologne- Germany

Final Fantasie

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross

Kingdom Hearts

Secret of Mana





Symphonic Fantasies -music from SQUARE ENIX 

WDR Radio orchestra of Köln

WDR radio choir of Köln

Conductor : Niklas Willén

Darbouka : Rony Barrak

Klavier : Benyamin Nuss

Guests of Honor: Yoko Shimomura & Yasunori Mitsuda

Place: Philharmonic Hall,  Cologne- Germany

Final Fantasie

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Cross

Kingdom Hearts

Secret of Mana





Darbouka Workshop


At the Drum Shop in Boulder CO-USA

2065 30th Street  Boulder, CO 80301

For bookings Contact : (303) 402-0122

Time: From 6pm.



Conference on world affairs- University of Colorado in Boulder

 5114 Collaborative and Interactive Music




Conference on world affairs- University of Colorado in Boulder

 4165 Homelessness and Addiction



Conference on world affairs- University of Colorado in Boulder

3529 Selling Creativity


Conference on world affairs- University of Colorado in Boulder

 2251 PERFORMANCE Spontaneous Combustion

    10:30-11:20 on Tuesday April 10, 2012
    Grusin Music Hall


Conference on world affairs- University of Colorado in Boulder



Conference on world affairs- University of Colorado in Boulder

1511 Improv—Spontaneous, Innovative, Fundamental


In Michigan, Detroit -USA



Master class at the University of Michigan, Detroit -USA

Master class ( middle eastern percussion) and working with percussion students...

At the Music faculty department .



Concert with the Boulder philharmonic orchestra.Boulder, CO.USA

   Conducted by Michael Butterman


    For more info go to:


"Symphonic Fantasies" Music from SQUARE ENIX

For the first time in TOKYO Japan. 2012 "Symphonic Fantasies" 


Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus

Conducted by: Eckehard Stier

Soloist: Rony Barrak & Benyamin Nuss

Dates: 7th & 8th of  January 2012

Place: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Concert Hall

Tickets also available through the website of Square Enix

Produced  by: Thomas Boecker

The CD Symphonic Fantasies was released 2010 to the day in Japan, Concert happened 2009.


From the 17th of Nov till 25th Dec

*The Astonishing Fusion "RONY BARRAK" from LEBANON
Rony Barrak will be performing his own show with 8 piece American & Lebanese Band, of 20 Shows from his own various compositions... (A colorful blend of Arabic, Latin, Jazz, Funk & Percussion) 

*The Exceptional Divas "I LOVE U Group" from USA

*The Virtuosity of Pop "DUEL" from ITALY

*The Legendary "TONY HANNA" from LEBANON

Show hosted by the International American Idol's CORY ALMEIDA (USA)
And the #1 DJ producer in Lebanon & the Middle East SAID MRAD

Event produced & managed by: MOONLITE ENTERTAINMENT

Dates: 17th of November - 25th December
Thu 17 Nov
Fri 18 Nov
Sat 19 Nov

Thu 24 Nov
Fri 25 Nov
Sat 26 Nov
Sun 27 Nov

Thu 8 Dec
Fri 9 Dec
Sat 10 Dec

Thu 15 Dec
Fri 16 Dec
Sat 17 Dec
Sun 18 Dec

Mon 19

Tues 20 
Wed 21 Dec
Thu 22 Dec
Fri 23 Dec
Sun 25 Dec

Show starts at 22:00 hrs
Hope to see you all there!


Morgenland Festival


Rony Barrak is performing as solo guest with the "Morgenland Chamber orchestra"
Soloists: Jivan Gasparyan-Duduk, Yildiz Ibrahimova-Vocal, Rony Barrak- Darbouka.
& with "Hewar ensemble" Kinan Azmeh-Clarinet, Dima Orcho-Vocal, Issam Rafea-Oud.


Erich- Maria -Remarque -Peace-prize-Award in Osnabrck-Germany

 Trio ( oriental moods)


Erich- Maria -Remarque -Peace-prize-Award in Osnabrck-Germany

Trio ( Oriental moods)


MTV "Men el ekhir"

Solo guest in the segment " 3ayesh 3a kayfak"
Performing a medley from his Album "Darbouka City"
and chatting to the presenter and the other members in the show...
Presented by Pierre Rabbat
MTV, lebanon
you can see it live or in the archives after the 6th july if you go to the programs on: 


Interview on OTV

Morning TV Show on OTV Lebanon
in "hayda 7ake" with Elie Hawchan 
visiting Rony Barrak's new studio


Orbit TV " Oyoun Beirut "

Live interview from latest work and events, including some clips from his latest concerts.



"غني مع غسان"

Solo guest performing from his new album "Darbouka City"

you can watch the show:




Concert with the Bremer philharmonic orchestra


"Beirut sensations" By Rony Barrak

"Darbouka concerto" A world premier by Rony Barrak

Conducted by Markus Poschner

Venue: Die Glocke - Das Bremer Konzerthaus  (The bell - of Bremen the concert hall)

Date: 7th June 2011

Time: 20:00pm





Concert with the Bremer philharmonic orchestra


"Beirut sensations" By Rony Barrak

"Darbouka concerto" A world premier by Rony Barrak

Conducted by Markus Poschner

Venue: Die Glocke - Das Bremer Konzerthaus  (The bell - of Bremen the concert hall)

Date: 6 & 7 June 2011

Time: 20:00pm




Live Interview on LBCI TV


Rony Barrak will be the main guest on "Helwi w Murra حلوة و مرة" LBCI TV.
Friday the 6th of May.2011
Talking about his new video clip "Darbouka City" and his latest news, events and work...includes some videos of live performances. 



Conference on world affairs

Rony will be participating for his 9th year in the 63rd Conference on World Affairs from the 4th-8th April, at the University of Colorado.USA    





FUNDRAISING CONCERTS in Argentina and Brazil

with Tania Kassis featuring Rony Barrak and Michel Fadel for Saint Geroges hospital.

November 2nd: Teatro Astral in Buenos Aires (Argentina)

November 4th: Montelibano Club in Sao Paolo (Brazil)

November 5th: Montelibano Club in Sao Paolo (Brazil)


Beat appeal

Live show with his percussion group "Beat Appeal" from "Darbouka city" new Album.



Symphonic Legends

Symphonic Video games music concert.

WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln conducted by Niklas Willen.

Place: Kölner Philharmonie -Cologne-Germany


Concert with Ara Gevorgian in Armenia

Solo guest with Armenian composer Ara Gevorgian in Nagorno Karabagh, Stepanakert.









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